2011 ASMSI Grand Alumni Homecoming

Once again, let's rekindle the spirit and visit our beloved Alma Mater. Come home on March 20, 2011 for a day of fun, meet and greet our batchmates, friends and beloved Sisters of Mary for the 20th year of ASMSI.

FACFI Website Paypal Recurring Donation

I've done coding the page for the Paypal Recurring Donation button for the Fr. Al's Children Foundation, Inc. (FACFI) website.

Currently on the testing stage before making the link available on the site. If you can help me with the testing of the functionality and if it is indeed working - will be very much appreciated. Please email me you comments and suggestions.

Click this link: FACFI Paypal/Credit Card Recurring Donations

Small donations if done regularly means a lot.

Thank you very much!

Updated: Brothers of Christ Website

Please visit the updated website of the Brothers of Christ - Philippines.

Sharing Christ Home is a charity institution that gives vocation welfare for the male out-of- school youth. The Brothers guide and teach them spiritual values to prepare and mold them to be the hope of the society. It is also the home where the Brothers share Christ's love for the mentally-challenged and elderly men by serving them and taking care of them unselfishly.

Thank you very much!